Our melons are partly grown in greenhouses and partly in the open field, fully respecting their seasonality, as dictated by the climate of the area. The suitable soil, our agronomic expertise out on the field and the constant monitoring of the cultivation process in compliance with regional regulations, with the natural and crucial help of pollinating bees, all allow us to grow disease-resistant and strong plants that are very productive in terms of both quantity and quality.


The melons are brushed and sized in the packaging warehouse. We have opted for packaging solutions that respect the principles of maximum sustainability, from both an environmental and a food safety point of view.
Plaform corrugated cardboard boxes are used, which are 100% recyclable and produced with renewable resources, in compliance with Italian and European legislation.


- Plaform 30x40: containing 6 melons
- Plaform 30x50: containing 6/7 melons

Societa' Agricola Demetrio

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