Our farm is located in Sabbioneta, in the province of Mantua, where the weather favours all kinds of production. In terms of product quality, Mantuan agriculture plays a leading role both in Italy and abroad, thanks to the morphology of the soil here (medium texture) and the significant presence of natural organic matter, not to mention the passion, drive and centuries-old wisdom of the people who live in this countryside.


Our farm was founded by Demetrio Buttarelli in 1964, a few hundred metres from the famous Gonzaga walls of the city-state of Sabbioneta (UNESCO World Heritage Site). The business began with the cultivation of various horticultural species, such as tomatoes, potatoes and beets, through to today’s production of melons, watermelons and chilli peppers - the real pride of the company's production. Our farm manages the entire production cycle in-house, from growing the crops through to packaging and marketing.

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Societa' Agricola Demetrio

di Buttarelli Canzio e Ferruccio s.s.
via Viazzola 34
46018 Sabbioneta (MN) - Italy

Tel. +39 0375.52271