An excellent way of keeping loose chillies fresh is to use the fridge: at a temperature of 5°-8°, the chillies can be preserved for about 10 days, after which time they may begin to wither.


Flowpack bags have a micro-perforated surface that allows the product to breathe, giving it a longer shelf life. It is recommended to place the bag as it is in the refrigerator, at a temperature of 5°-8°; in this way, the chillies can keep for up to 20 days.


We need to immediately make one thing clear: long-term storage requires a minimum of handling of the chillies. Given the chillies’ capsaicin content, protective gloves for food must be worn when handling them, preferably in a well-aired room and ... be careful not to touch your eyes!


A clever way to store chilli peppers while preserving their aroma and properties is undoubtedly to freeze them; this is useful both to keep your own chilli stock and make up for the seasonal lack of the product.
Freezing chillies is very simple, but let’s take a look in detail:

 1- Detach the chillies from the sprig, taking care to also remove the
 2- Wash and dry them well by spreading them out on a cloth;
 3- Place them in the freezer, in small freezer bags for food or,
 alternatively, in glass jars that are the right size for the rations you
 wish to consume each time.

It is recommended to close the bags or jars well, so as to minimise the risk of any changes to the product’s organoleptic properties. Chillies preserved in this way can be used frozen or after thawing (by leaving them in the refrigerator for about 24 hours).


Another good way of preserving chillies is to dry them. This can be done with a home dryer or home oven. Our chillies are perfect for drying!

 1- Remove the chillies from the sprig, taking care to also remove
 the stalk;

 2- Wash and dry them well, by spreading them out on a cloth;
 3- Cut them in half and place them on a tray lined with baking
 paper, taking care not to overlap them;

 4- Place the tray in a traditional oven preheated to a temperature
 of 70°-80° (if you have a fan oven, 40°-50° is sufficient), leaving
 the door slightly open to allow for moisture to escape. At this
 stage, it is recommended to turn them from time to time in order to
 even out the heat and check the progress of the drying process. The
 process should take 8-10 hours, varying depending on the moisture
 content of the chillies and their size.

 Follow the same procedure as above: place the cleaned and sliced
 chillies on the appropriate trays and heat them up to a
 temperature of 40°-45° for a time ranging from 12 to 48 hours.

Dried chilli peppers can be chopped up, into large or small pieces; the important thing is to keep them in a well-sealed jar and store in a cool and dry place, in order to prevent any humidity from damaging them.

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