Currently, the farm is most specialised in growing the Etna variety of chilli peppers, commonly known as ‘Spicy bunches’.
All operations take place within what can be defined as a ‘closed cycle’, starting with the production and selection of the seeds, moving on to transplanting in the field and then ending with harvesting and the subsequent packaging. The last phase takes place in a specially designed environment that respects all the main hygiene-sanitary rules imposed by current regulations.

the chillies

Etna chillies belong to the Capsicum annuum botanical variety. The plant produces elongated cone-shaped fruits that are around 4 cm long and have a stunning red colour. The chillies, red when fully ripe, are grouped together in bunches, the size of which depends on how they were positioned as the plant developed. These chillies are medium-hot (about 30,000 Scoville degrees), with a gradual and aromatic spice that brings out and enhances the flavour of food.


Chillies are mainly grouped together in bunches weighing about 100 g each and are divided into packs of 10 to 20 units, depending on different customers’ requirements. Each solution fully meets traceability requirements; traceability is a key factor within the GLOBALG.A.P. protocol, which our company has been endorsing for years.


Water-resistant polypropylene labels are attached to each bunch, meaning the product can be stored in refrigerators. As well as providing details of the farm, the label also includes the barcode and the batch number; customers can also ask for additional, variable information to be printed on the label at their own discretion. Labelled goods come in a cardboard box that can hold 20 bunches/pack, also offering a great visual effect.



This farm stands out for the innovative possibility it offers to package single bunches, with a minimum guaranteed weight of 100g, in micro-perforated flowpack bags. This type of packaging has many advantages: the surface of the film used is micro-perforated and therefore allows moisture to escape, considerably slowing down the physiological deterioration process that is typical of fresh fruit and vegetables. A cardboard box able to hold 10 bags/pack is available for the bagged products.


Benefits of flowpack:

- Better preservation
- Minimum weight guaranteed
- No weight loss due to fruit detaching
- High breathability
- Guaranteed traceability
- Maximum hygiene


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