processing facilities

The heart of the farm is made up of a series of warehouses and packaging laboratories that are organised in such a way as to keep the various processing workflows separate. The various products arriving from the field follow well-defined routes (sizing, brushing, etc.) until they are packaged, after which they are shipped.


The recently built office building is located in front of the entrance to the warehouses and is home to a meeting room and an area dedicated to the back office, where all the activities contributing to the farm’s operational management are carried out. These activities cover several areas, from the technical aspects linked to production to administration, sales and quality system management.


Our products are transported in full compliance with the strictest quality protocols, using refrigerated vehicles able to guarantee their lasting freshness. Our vehicles regularly undergo functional checks and adjustments in order to maintain their high performance and to ensure that they are suitable for transporting fresh fruit and vegetables.

Societa' Agricola Demetrio

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